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I develop robust and accessible front ends on the Web.

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I am a web developer, designer, and educator from the Philippines. I specialize in creating front ends for web projects and integrating them with APIs and back end processes. I also design web experiences with particular attention to making them accessible and robust. The projects I work on are not just responsive but also light and resilient even on older devices.

Reusable responsive layouts using CSS

Layouts that work on iPhones, Androids, laptops, desktops, even devices that haven't been invented yet. With the power of modern web standards, I create layouts that work everywhere.

Newest tech that works on older devices

Take advantage of new technologies on the web while keeping sure your customers on older devices are not left behind. I employ backwards-compatible programming to make sure everyone can use your website.

Go big on your features, and gentle on your users

Have as much power on your backend service or API, while giving your users a snappy and lightweight experience on their devices. I'll give careful attention to how your website performs to make sure it's blazingly fast, so your users love you more.

Seamless transition from design to code

Pixel-perfect just don't work on the web. So I give you an even better solution: intrinsic web design, a set of techniques that take advantage of what the web really is capable of. Your websites become performant and a joy to look at.

Don't have a designer? I got you.

I can create web designs for your ideas, and transform them into working websites your customers can use.

Accessible—nothing gets better than that

Your website may be the most aesthetically-pleasing website in the world, but all of that goes to trash if your users cannot use it. By complying with the WCAG, I create websites that are accessible to as many people as possible.

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