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Xiaomi MIIIW wireles keyboard and mouse Xiaomi MIIIW keyboard's black and white variants. Xiaomi MIIIW keyboard and mouse in white variant.

Xiaomi MIIIW Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Sleek design that matches my desk setup. I got the black one.

I have been using membrane keyboards since I got my first laptop. I have no problems with it, and I find it relatively low maintenance. I tend to gravitate towards cheap tech products. Xiaomi MIIIW is another membrane keyboard and mouse combo that I bought, since I am getting two products for the affordable price of one.

It comes with a keyboard and mouse, both wireless and connecting to a USB-A receiver that comes with it. The keyboard and the mouse are both powered by two AAA batteries. Some people find that a hassle, but I find changing disposable batteries more convenient and fast than plugging cables to my devices and waiting them to fully charge.

It also has a very sleek design that very much fits in with my setup that consists of an all-black color scheme on a wood table.

I like the fact that it works both with PCs and macs. I personally use Linux, and I don't have any Apple devices except for an iPhone 7 the company I work for lent me. But I still appreciate that it tries to work on most platforms. I even use it as a physical keyboard for my Samsung A30s Android phone via a USB Type C to Type A dongle. It works flawlessly.

I found some flaws with it though. When batteries run low, the keyboard can lose control in the middle of typing and just input repeated keypresses instead of just stopping from transmitting. This results in long strings of repeated characters. I also found it doing that even when the batteries still work just fine.